Frequently Asked Questions

These are the common questions and issues faced by PhotoBook Press users...

Can I design my own book?

Yes, absolutely.

Use our powerful and intuitive online photobook design tool to lay out your book and submit your order.

Or, design your book offline using your preferred software tool (e.g. PhotoShop, InDesign) and upload it to us.

Alternatively, you may send us your photos and let us design your book for you.

For all options, select your desired book size and options through our online storefront, pick your desired design option and follow the instructions.

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What are my design options?

We offer you three design options as follows:

  1. Design Online: With this option, you can use our powerful and intuitive online photobook design tool to lay out your book.

  2. Upload Own Design: With this option, you can use your own preferred tool (e.g. PhotoShop, InDesign) to design your book offline, and send us the resulting file.

  3. Let Us Design: With this option, you can send us your photos and we will design your book for you.

These three options give you a high degree of flexibility in design. Combine that with a wide range of photo book types and options that we offer (includes Sewn Signature which is quite unique in the market), our attention to quality when it comes to production in printing and finishing, and our competitive pricing and customer service, PhotoBook Press simply becomes your best destination for Fine Custom Photo Books.

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How do I get started with the Design Tool?

Our website will guide you step by step. Start by selecting the type of book you would like to have (hardcover signature sewn, hardcover layflat, social book, hardcover glued or softcover). Then, proceed to select your desired size and options. Eventually, you will be presented with three design options: Design Online, Upload Own Design and Let Us Design. When you select "Design Online", you will be directed to our powerful and intuitive Online PhotoBook Design Tool. You will be able to select your photos: upload from your computer, get them from your Facebook or Instagram account, or pull them from your personal photo gallery. Place your photos, crop or resize them as you like, add text, background or other artwork, and create your own unique design. Have fun!

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How do I upload my photos?

If you are using our online photo book design tool, you will be able to upload your photos from your computer or get them from your Facebook or Instagram accounts. If you upload your photos from your computer, you will automatically create your own personal and secure photo gallery - you will be able to use your gallery in the future for other photo book projects.

You may also select the option of sending your photos to us and let us design your book for you.

You must have your images, in sequence, in a named folder with your name and project clearly identified.

Upload your images, or completed book design, to our FTP server. You can access our FTP server by going to our FTP upload page.

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How do I get prices?

There are three easy ways to get pricing for PhotoBook Press books:

  1. Using our Online PhotoBook Design Tool, as you select photobooks and options, price will be displayed.

  2. The price you see will be for one book. Copies of hard cover books are 10% of the cost of the first book up to 5 books and 20% for copies of books 6 to 10. More than 10 books of a single title are eligible for further discounts by individual quotation. Just ask.

  3. Custom quotes are available by calling 888.333.6950 or emailing a description of your project.

  4. Professional Wedding photographers and other professional photographers can register for preferred pricing.

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How long does it take to make my photo book?

From the time that a book layout is approved, it takes about 3 weeks.

From the time we receive your photographs, it normally takes around 4 weeks. That includes design and layout, proofing, revisions, approvals, printing and binding. The total time could be longer if the design effort requires additional time.

When you use our powerful and intuitive Online PhotoBook Design Tool, you may be able to make your photo book faster.

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Why does Sewn Signature Book cost more than other online books?

PhotoBook Press Sewn Signature books are quite unique in the market. It requires human management at every step of the way from design review to final bound book quality. These books are made the way fine books have been made for centuries, with sewn signature bindings and the finest in archival book materials.

Unlike mass produced books from Internet vendors, our sewn signature books are printed on high quality archival paper using state-of-the-art printing process. The books are sewn into signatures and bound with the highest quality materials in a way that they will look the same 100 years from now as they do today.

A PhotoBook Press book is an heirloom quality fine book – an investment in preserving memories that matter.

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What’s the largest book I can make?

Our largest book is our hard cover 12-inch by 12-inch book available in sewn signature, layflat or glued bindings.

Our largest soft cover book is 10.25-inch by 9-inch landscape.

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How many pages can I have?

The minimum number of pages in our Sewn Signature books is 24 (2 signatures) and grows in 12-page signature increments. The maximum is 396 pages.

The minimum number of pages in our hardcover layflat books is 10 (list price is for 20 pages) and grows in 2-page increments. The maximum is 100 pages.

Our perfect bound books (glued spine, hardcover or softcover) begin with 20 pages (minimum number of pages possible is 10) and grow in increments of 2 pages to a maximum of 400 pages.

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What is a sewn binding and why does it matter?

Sewn binding (Sewn Signature) is a traditional book binding found in the finest books. The book is created from booklets called signatures, which are stitched together (always with thread not staples) and then glued to the cover. This method makes a strong book that will never come apart and allows the book to open flat forever. It is generally reserved for hard cover books.

At PhotoBook Press we use linen thread to sew 12 page signatures. Our hard cover books are constructed of many 12 page signatures – which is why your hard cover sewn binding book has a page count that is a multiple of 12.

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What is perfect binding?

Used for hardcover glued as well as softcover books, perfect binding is the most common type of binding used today. The pages are trimmed on all sides and then glued onto the cover, either hard or soft. This is an economical binding and all manner of books today use it, even some high quality coffee table books.

At PhotoBook Press all of our softcover books are perfect bound and our most economical hard cover books are perfect bound wrapped in a hard cover binding.

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